"This letter sends out sincere thanks to you for doing such a terrific job on our house. We were very impressed with your thoroughness, planning, explanations (in Pre-advance as we progressed), timeliness and workmanship. We appreciated the way you prepared plans for the project, and incorporated other designs that we had seen. It was obvious that you put a lot of thought into designing a project that would suit the existing conditions of the house and neighborhood.

Your proposal was complete, and you did everything promised at the quoted price and within all time estimates. Best of all, we could rely on you to arrive and work when you said you would, and to take care of scheduling work by the electrical contractor so that we did not need to rearrange our work schedules. We have received many compliments from our guests and neighbors on your work, and we feel the work completed really enhance the house"

- Joe & Mary Anne, Berkeley Heights, NJ

"Bill and I want to thank you for the outstanding job you've done on the renovation of our home. I've enjoyed working with you immensely and learned a lot in the process. I realize this has been a complicated project and I appreciate your patience, diligence, and good humor throughout. You, Mike and Eric clearly take pride and find joy in your work. Now that we are finally settling in, we can admire your craftsmanship and commitment to quality that are evident everywhere. The results are just plain beautiful and we are truly grateful."

- Margaret, Summit, NJ

"We want to take this opportunity to formally thank you for all you have done. We did not think there was any way the final product could match our dreams. Much to our delight, the final product far exceeds anything we could have imagined. You have totally transformed our old house into the home of our dreams.

Throughout the process, we have been so impressed with the character of you and your team. It is my belief that character is the key to your success, and is the reason we selected you for our project. It is your character that had you and your team at our home virtually every day since the construction began, through the coldest and wettest winter on record. It is your character that led to the outstanding workmanship that is evident throughout the house, that made you a trusted confidant to us on this project, that enabled you to finish the project on schedule, and that made this project such a pleasurable experience for us.

People often make the mistake of hiring a builder based solely on price. There is always someone out there that will do the project cheaper, take longer to do it, and complete it with only a fraction of the quality that you did. In life, you get what you pay for and I felt your price was very fair and that we certainly got our money's worth."

- Bunker & Mary, New Providence, NJ

What People Are Saying

You have totally transformed our old house into the home of our dreams.

Bunker, New Providence, NJ

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